Our domicile is on the “Reitanlage Vollmer” at Spyckweg 10, 47661 Issum-Sevelen”

We offer training for your horse from young horse up to Grand Prix level, as well as preparation for SLP (“Stutenleistungsprüfung”) and HLP(“Hengstleistungsprüfung”)

(Special breeds like Andalusians, Shagya and purebred Arabians are welcome as well)

The Stable offers:

  • Modern, newly constructed stable aisle with 20 big stables flooded with air and light, with separate areas for grooming and washing and a tack room
  • Two indoor riding arenas (20m*40m / 66ft*132ft and 20m * 60m / 66ft*197ft) with ebb-and-flood system
  • Outdoor jumping arena (ca 2400m² / 26000 sq ft) with ebb-and-flood system
  • Outdoor dressage arena 2(0m * 60m / 66ft*197ft) with ebb-and-flood system
  • Roofed longe-ring with ebb-and-flood system
  • Horse walker
  • Many pastures
  • Paddocks
  • Outside hacking area with seas to swim and military obstacles
  • Comfortable lounge
  • Own office